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Services for Filecoin miners and clients

Twin Quasar provides infrastructure and opensource tooling for miners, hosting and Filecoin Plus notary services for clients.

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About us

The leading European company in the Filecoin ecosystem


Protocol Labs
One of two Fil+ notaries in Europe
Multiple DEVgrants from Protocol Labs
Part of the MinerX Program
Presented at official Filecoin events
Mining Community
400+ miners trust and use our solutions
Developed jointly with major Filecoin software and experts.

Storing Valuable Data

We believe in Filecoin and its ability to store humanity’s most valuable data: whether it's Wikipedia articles, Genome sequencing, OpenStreet maps, confidential company information, or even grandmother’s secret macaron recipe. 25% of our storage capacity is already filled with public and private useful data, which makes us one of the most trusted and top-ranked companies.

Global Understanding

We've got a 360-degrees understanding of the Filecoin ecosystem, making us versatile and flexible in this fast, ever-changing world of decentralized web.


Twin Quasar has a successful track record in supporting any size of miners from designing, migrating or operating mining clusters within our data centers.

Disaster Recovery

Combined with high availability to reach 100% uptime and never miss any Window PoST


Dedicated Miner with multisig. You have full control of your wallet.

Fast Deployment

Get a turnkey live miner within 2 weeks (depending on availability)

Looking to become a Filecoin, solo, or corporate miner, with or without technical skills?
Farcaster project - The best analytic and reporting tool for Filecoin miners.

Security First

Data remains local, run under unprivileged user

Easy Deployment

Configurationless and lightweight

Industry Standard

Grafana + Prometheus

Used by 50%

of miners

Protocol Labs

Sponsored thanks to the community and our long-term engagement in IPFS and Filecoin

Designed By and For Miners

End-to-end conceptualization, design, and development by seasoned miners.

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Filcoin Plus incentives miners can store client data for free

Have valuable data and want to apply forcontact Datacap ? Feel free to reach out to us for more information or request Datacap to Filplus. We are one of the only two notaries trusted in Europe by Protocol Labs to grant Datacap.

Reach out to us for more information or Directly apply for Datacap

Our team

Julien Noël

CEO & Founder

Web3.0 evangelist and passionate about IPFS, Julien has a strong background in advising and reporting to C-level Fortune 100 companies. With 20 years of experience in international environments and distributed teams, he is business-driven with a track record of managing and motivating high performance profiles

Freddy Frouin


20 years of experience operating in top-tier datacenters, Freddy is passionate about Linux and technical challenges

Pierre-vincent Bouquet

Finance & Strategy

Seasoned finance professional with 10 years of experience in high-growth environments, in addition to possessing expertise in designing business models and scaling finance operations

Florian Ruen

Software development

Young entrepreneur in Artificial intelligence, passionate about tech-focused products that transform the future of work. Florian has an engineering degree in Electronics and industrial computing.

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